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I called in 2 hours before my driving test, no instructors were available. But the phone agent was very helpful and friendly, he gave me tips and information I needed to know for the test. I passed. They were very polite and had a variety of times that I could take my class.

All Nations Driving School, we are so grateful to you. Thank you for everything you taught my daughter and preparing her for the road and the test. I think the service was awesome. Would recommend it to any parent. Thank you so much! I will use them again, hopefully I won’t need to though…

I remember having a time slot again and wanted to do my driving test and wanted someone asap, as I have been putting it off for quite some time. All Nations Driving School was very kind and professional in guiding and reminding me of what to expect in doing my test and I passed! Thank you!

All Nations Driving School is amazing with the kids and us parents. He has the patience of a saint. Very encouraging and supportive, and he is exactly what a new driver needs to have the confidence to get behind the wheel. Highly recommended 5 stars – would give more if available.

My daughter was very scared to drive and All Nations Driving School helped her get on the road and learned how to drive efficiently and safely! I am grateful that she gets to learn every week with All Nations Driving School is an experienced driver and keeps my daughter safe on the road.

Had two classes with All Nations Driving School and I passed my test just fine! All Nations Driving School was great, patient, very attentive and I’m glad I had her as an instructor. Best experience ever, so thankful for Lou and his staff for making everything run smoothly.

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